Cremation Prices

The term cremation comes from the Latin word “cremo”, which means to burn. Cremation is the process wherein the remains of a deceased person are incinerated generally through the use of natural gases and propane, in a furnace with very high temperature. The resulting bone fragments are then pulverized into ashes by a machine called cremulator. One of the primary reasons why cremation found an appeal to a larger part of the public is because of the cremation costs and prices. Compared to the traditional burial rites, the cost of cremation prices is lower, and is even said to be at least 25 percent cheaper than the former. Also currently, the Church “does not prohibit cremation, unless it has been chosen for reasons contrary to Christian doctrine” but “deeply encourages that the pious custom of burial of the cadavers of the deceased be kept.”.  The reasons why cremation prices are less expensive are outlined as follows:

First, for those who consider cheap funerals, the cost of cremation versus burial is less because in the case of the former, the family and relatives of the deceased need not spend money for the burial lot. This is actually where a large amount of the family’s money goes when a loved one dies. One can say that a burial space is a must have for every family. Otherwise, the family will not have a place for the remains of a dead loved one to be laid to rest. This as yet has no regard for the cost of the tombstone and the expenses that the lifetime maintenance of the gravesite entails.

Second, cremation prices are lower compared to interment prices because the family and relatives of the deceased are not obliged to buy and spend for a casket or coffin. Even the simplest and most modest coffins could cost a lot. This is another big expense for the family and relatives in case of loss of a loved one. Alternatively, the cremains of a deceased are just placed in a container like a sealed urn or a latched box, which the family can keep or dispose of as they wish.

Third, burial prices tend to be higher than cremation prices because in the former, memorial services, funeral rites or wakes usually precede the interment proper, which could last for days, depending on the family’s wishes. This is another additional cost for the family since the funeral home needs to be paid for the embalming services as well as the daily accommodations pertaining to the use of their place. Not to mention other incidental costs for the food and drinks to be served to friends and acquaintances, who extend their condolences and comfort to the family of the reposed loved one and who pay respect to the latter. Thus, cremation prices are cheaper.

Conversely, a low cost cremation could be a direct one, also known as delivery only or west chapel service. The cremation prices of this kind are sure to be super low because the utilization of the cremation service is maximized by the family and relatives. The family can opt to dismiss the memorial and funeral services, rather they could immediately proceed with the cremation process and take home the ashes or cremains of their loved one or do with it anything they or their reposed loved one wishes.